A Traditional Approach to Mathematics

About Us was designed and developed by Jean Miller, a former tutor and teacher (high school, junior high, and post-secondary schools). Because she has seen a number of individuals struggle with the fundamentals of mathematics over the years, she decided to develop a website that would focus on the fundamentals. As an instructor, she has found that each student is very different in their approach to mathematics, therefore she wanted to address those differences. This website seeks to assist each individual with the unique mathematical concerns each possesses.

Because Jean Miller's background involves a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics, a Masters in Computer Science, and MBA, she has a love of mathematics . Over the years, she has come in contact with a number of individuals who either did not grasp or was not properly introduced to mathematics. As she moved into life as a Naval Officer and Project Manager, she found that she could assist a number of other people who needed her assistance with mathematics (via tutoring and teaching). So, as life moved on she developed more of a desire to help students online. Therefore, she went back to school to become more proficient in web design. Thus, was born.

As you move forward with, Mrs. Miller hopes that this website will help you. But most of all, she hopes this website will be one you will enjoy as you advance your education in mathematics.